Cleaning the attic

It still works

Beware . No buying, only selling that’s the golden rule.

Hats for sale


5 thoughts on “Cleaning the attic

  1. Dat is idd een gouden regel. Heb ook eens op een rommelmarkt gestaan. Tijdens het verkopen ging ik zelf kopen, aaargh.

    22 september ga ik nog eens een poging doen.

  2. oh, I wish I could set up a little selling of junk in my front yard! I have boxes to go out … and everytime I mention a yard sale to my family, they ignore me. So it would probably just be me ;( Hope all is well with you my friend.

  3. Thanks Kim! I would love to rummage at some yard sales,like I used to in St Louis. We have some car boot sales in the area , I guess I will reserve a sunday morning for that purpose.(oops lapusus : for selling).Everything will be going for a quarter, I really want to get rid of everything.

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