An ocean of buddies


Buddha :

Zoë of MBIAT

Zoë :  a lovely person with a sharp pen and a great book. 

Q alias The Twat

Q(uarsan): alias The Twat :her adorable boyfriend , nibbling away at a plastic plant.fishies

(Top left )Tine : My wonderful friend who flees from every lense but never leaves the house without her camera.

(Top middle) Smiling Cobra the multi-talented wordartist

(Bottom) Kim : source of so much inspiration at

Strange how sometimes people you’ve only met through the web sometimes seem like neighbours. Sprang into my mind when I put  new fishes in the aquarium.

9 thoughts on “An ocean of buddies

  1. yes … neighbors, sisters, friends! we are having a schedule power outage and all have moved to another building , just a handfull of us working in a conference room … it is a little exciting tonight but for once in a long time, I am not feeling pressure to work … it is a lovely night 😉 thank you so much for your sweet words! xoxoxo Kim

  2. Pieter : wat leuk.Voor mij is het een manier om zowel nieuwe mensen te leren kennen als terug contact te hebben met mensen van vroeger.

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