My baker

easter duckies

more bunnies


is rich.


6 thoughts on “My baker

  1. Het spijt me, ik spreek geen Vlaams.

    Your baker is a genius. I’m a comparatively recent convert to the joys of chocolate – my girlfriend forced me to see the light – and these pictures of yours just make me want to fall face first into the rabbits and ducks. I’m not getting up again until I’ve eaten myself ill. Ja, Ik heb hulp nodig.

    Tot ziens!

    Kind regards etc….


  2. Hmm. Or maybe it’s just pure Dutch I’ve been seeing around the place (in your blog)? My ignorance will be my undoing, I can feel it. Drat.

  3. I hope all of u had your share of (chocolate)eggs this year.I’m still traumatised from the year I had hepatitis at Easter so it still feels as a guilty pleasure to eat a lot of chocolate.@ TPE : for beer and chocolat lovers Belgium is the place to be.

  4. Hey Vallalar, nice to meet you (and thanks for responding – an all too rare courtesy in a corrosively ill-mannered blogland.)

    Well, I’ll bear that in mind about Belgium being the place for chocolate and beer. Unfortunately, as I don’t drink beer – or any alcohol, in fact – I’ll need to content myself with the chocolate. I think I’ll manage.

    I do remember, however, that I used to love a particular Belgian “cherry” beer. I know, I know, this is hardly macho and strong of me, but it was absolutely lovely. And my girlfriend, whilst living in Brussels one time, became verily addicted to Belgian beer, served with three-times-fried Belgian chips. (Not exactly a low-calorie diet, true, but so what?)

    I like the evident care and love that goes into the making of (so much of) Belgian chocolate. It is a special, magical substance, and it should feel and look special and magical, too. That’s what I think, anyway.

    Kind regards from Ireland, this Easter.


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