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1. I took the book closest to me (waiting to be autographed) My boyfriend is a Twat by Zoe McCarthy :

A Guide to Recognising, Dealing, and Living with an Utter Twat

2. and turned to page 123 : fifth sentence : ‘It is not, however always the case’.

3. the next 3 sentences :

‘When it comes to grooming,my boyfriend has the most dreadful sense of style, in that he refuses point-blank to pay more than a couple of quid to get his hair cut, a habit he no doubt picked up from his days in Ambleside. Apparently,the local barber was a bit of a character and wouldn’t let women into his barber’s shop, telling them to go and get the shopping whilst swiftfully pushing them out of the shop with his broom. He’d then turn to his customer and, in the Twat’s case , it would be a matter of : “Now then lad, a number two, eh?”

Is it a coincidence that due to a ‘hair incident’ and the landing strip on the back of his head (,17)   I recognised Zoe and her Quarsan at a metro stop in Brussels? It must have been serendipity.

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  1. Oh the embarrassment of that day! Thanks for reading my book and I promise to sign it as soon as either one of us can get our acts together!

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