A photographic myth is associated with Vallalar, a saint who lived in the British era in South India, that his image could not be captured by a camera. Moreover,  his image when seen as a reflection in a mirror was reputed to be that of Lord Muruga, the Hindu God of war.

Neither saint nor Goddess of war, I just love to photograph. The concept is that of a ‘carnet de voyage’ that is my life. Needless to say, I love to travel. Or, is it wander?

Having  dual citizenship (Canadian-Belgian), the blog will be written in English, interlaced with Dutch. Yes, I am a complicated woman.

vallalar1 at gmail dot com

Many thanks to my blog-granddaddy Buddha : http://www.kladblog.be/ . I hope he will give me candy for the soul and lots of advice when I get this blog really going. Where would I be without his daily advice on many matters ?


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